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San Diego’s Finest Rides
All Saturday routes, except for the Afternoon Urban Loop route, will be going over the iconic Coronado Bay Bridge and through the heart of Coronado on the Silver Strand. Our Sunday routes will include classic rides along San Diego’s picturesque coastline. Both days include shorter routes around 25 miles, as well as longer routes of at least 65 miles for cyclists interested in lengthier or more challenging rides. For novice riders or cyclists looking for a laid-back ride, Saturday’s Urban Loop is designed to be a relaxed tour of Downtown San Diego.

Note: All courses subject to change.

Course Maps
Coronado Classic

If you’re as excited as we are about riding on the Coronado Bridge but don’t want to stray too far, this is your course! You’ll begin in Petco Park, ride over the bridge, down the Silver Strand and return on Bay Shore Bike Way. We anticipate that this wonderful ride will be the most popular course we offer!
~25 Miles

~ 25 MILES
Olympic Challenge

This solid course starts at Petco Park, then takes a memorable cruise over the historic Coronado Bridge and down the Silver Strand before turning south to ride along the border next to International Park. Make it to the Olympic Training Center before turning back west to meet up at the Bay Shore Bike Way.
~55 Miles

~ 55 MILES
Honey Springs Heartbreaker

Designed for experienced cyclists, this course will provide a challenging ride that starts by heading over the Coronado Bridge, into Southeast San Diego past the Olympic Training center and up Honey Springs before returning home to Petco Park on Bay Shore Bike Way. This is our longest and most difficult ride, but it’s sure to offer some incredible views.
~88 Miles

~ 88 MILES
Afternoon Urban Loop

A not-so-serious 2-mile loop around Petco Park and the surrounding area featuring costumes, cowbells and cheering sections. This one is built for fun and any bike will do from road bike to beach cruiser. Costumes are not required, but definitely encouraged. Prizes will be awarded for creativity, originality and enthusiasm. This promises to be an afternoon to remember!

Mission Bay Ride

This is one excellent way to tour San Diego. This scenic course weaves through downtown and the San Diego Zoo, to Hillcrest, to Pacific Beach, and turns around at Mission Bay before heading through Little Italy and ending at Petco Park. With only a few short climbs this ride is accessible for almost everyone regardless of skill level!
~21 Miles

~ 23 MILES
Beneficiary Tour

Explore San Diego’s stunning coast and see our exemplary beneficiaries’ campuses on this ride. Head up the coast through Hillcrest, Pacific Beach, and up to the Mesa through the UCSD campus before turning around before Torrey Pines and returning down Harbor Dr. Be prepared for beautiful views and a few short steep climbs along the way!
~37 Miles

~ 37 MILES
Coastal Classic

Our longest Sunday course and second longest ride overall, the Coastal Classic course provides plenty of beautiful coastal riding with varied elevations. Start at Petco Park and work your way up the coast through Hillcrest, Pacific Beach, Torrey Pines, Solana Beach and Encinitas, and then up to Carlsbad before returning back. If you love riding by the water, this is the course for you.
~66 Miles

~ 66 MILES

We’ve incorporated multiple rest stops into each ride to give cyclists a chance to rest, use bathrooms if necessary and refuel before getting started again. These stops also give cyclists that may have fallen back a chance to catch up so we can all proceed as a group!

Browse all the courses above and select the course for turn-by-turn descriptions of each course. You’ll be able to see variations in elevation and grade, as well as being able to download or print the course directions. You can also download our Course Comparison Sheet at the bottom of the page to compare both days’ courses and find the right ride for you.

Navigating Padres Pedal Courses

If you’re new to Padres Pedal or perhaps this is your first cycling event, rest assured that navigating our courses will be a fun, safe experience. All of courses feature the following:

• Highly visible course signage at every turn along the route
Course maps and turn by turns you can download to print or onto your smart device using apps like Strava, Ride GPS, or other cycling apps
• Paper copies of your route available before all training rides and event weekend
• Volunteers along routes to help guide and encourage you
• Traffic control at major intersections along the route
• Ride marshals accompanying riders along all routes
• Begin and end in center field at Petco Park

Your Safety Is Our Priority

We work hard to ensure everyone’s safety and enjoyment at our event. It is not uncommon to hear previous riders say that Padres Pedal is the “best-supported ride I’ve participated in.” Here’s what we provide to support you:

• Padres Pedal the Cause is a ride, not a race
• All courses are patrolled by up to 10 SAG (safety) vehicles
• Ride marshals accompany every ride by riding alongside you
• Emergency response personnel are at the ready if needed
• We partner with city police, traffic control and CHP to monitor all key intersections
• Mobile and stationary mechanic support is provided pre-ride and along the routes
• For more bike safety tips, click here.

Staying Fueled and Hydrated

We realize that many of you are challenging yourself to ride long miles for this important cause and we want to make sure you reach your goal! You will have access to plenty of fuel along the course to keep you going. All routes will provide:

• Well-stocked refueling stops at regular intervals
• Food items: bananas, oranges, PB&J sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, pickles and more
• Longer routes will provide heartier fare at select stops
• Drinks: water, Gatorade, hydration drinks and plenty of ice
• Nutrition: gel packs and nutrition bars
• Sunscreen and first aid
• Mechanical support will be provided at select stops
• Restroom facilities at all stops
• Chairs and shade for quick rest and recovery on stops before getting back on the road

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