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Credit card donations are processed immediately and posted on your profile page at the time of the donation. A check donation can only be added to the amount that you've raised after the check has been processed by the Padres Pedal the Cause office. 

To see which check donations have not yet been received by the Padres Pedal the Cause office, log in to your profile page to view your donor list. Check donations that have been pledged and have not yet been received will not have a green checkmark next to the dollar amount.

Padres Pedal accepts credit card, check, PayPal and stock donations. You may make a general donation, donate to a specific participant or team, or make a donation to support operations. To make a general or operations donation, click the green Donate button in the top menu. To make a donation to a specific participant or team, use the Find Participant/Team link at the top of the screen to select the participant or team, and use the Donate button within their profile.

Please make check donations payable to Padres Pedal the Cause and mail the check and invoice to: 
Padres Pedal the Cause
2445 Fifth Ave, Suite 345
San Diego, CA 92101

You can make as many donations to different participants and/or teams as you'd like at one time by clicking "Add Another Donation" on the participant's or team's donation screen. When you are done selecting the participants / teams you would like to donate to, enter the information in the field for each participant / team, and then click "Check Out." Your credit card will be charged once for the sum of the donations made.

When making a donation, click the "Remain Anonymous" box located on the donation screen. Your donation will be anonymous to the public, but the participant you made a donation to will be able to view your name. We provide this information to the participant so that they may thank their donors. The amount of the donation cannot be hidden only the name of the donor is kept anonymous.

No, you do not need to login to make a donation; simply click on the Find Participant/Team link at the top of the screen. You can then search for the participant or team that you would like to support. Once you have found their profile, click “donate” and follow the instructions.  All donations made online are 100% secure.  We do not store credit card info in our database from donors.

Yes, both credit card and check donations can be made in memory of a loved one. For checks, write “In Memory of ” on the memo line and please provide a name and address of a family member to receive acknowledgement of the donation. For credit card donations, check the “In Memory of” box, and the provide the name and address of a family member to receive acknowledgement of the donation in the space provided below. Email us at with any questions.

Please go online and make a check pledge with the donor’s information. Then mail the check to us at the below address. Make sure that your Participant ID# and/or name are included in the memo line, so that we may appropriately apply the donation to your ride.

Padres Pedal the Cause
2445 Fifth Ave, Suite 345
San Diego, CA 92101

Credit card and check donations are always best for tax acknowledgement purposes. We prefer you deposit any cash received and then donate yourself via check or credit card.

 If you are a donor, you must bring the cash donation to the Padres Pedal the Cause office if you wish to receive a tax acknowledgement receipt. Padres Pedal the Cause cannot issue a tax acknowledgement for cash donation submitted by anyone other than the actual donor. Please do not send cash through the mail.

The corporate matching program is a way for companies and corporations to acknowledge and support the donations made by their employees by providing funding to match a portion of the amount donated. Through corporate matching, corporations can match employee's gifts to Padres Pedal the Cause, making every dollar go further. To get started, check with your human resources office to see if they offer gift matching. If they don't, you may want to ask your company to start one. If your company does offer gift matching, contact your human resources department to understand the steps required to submit a match request.

Please contact us at and we will help you reroute your donation.

It is up to you to make sure your donors send their checks. When logged in, you can view your profile and look at the details for each donation. Check pledges we have yet to receive are denoted as [check pledge] next to the donor name. Please remember, any unpaid pledges will not count toward your fundraising and you are still responsible for meeting your fundraising minimum.

If a donor never sends the check they pledged to the Padres Pedal the Cause office, it will not be counted towards the amount you've raised. If you need that check donation to meet your minimum fundraising commitment, you must follow up with the donor to make sure they send the check to the Padres Pedal the Cause office by the fundraising deadline. Padres Pedal the Cause does not contact individual donors on your behalf.

If you would like to change the recognition name that appears on the participant's public profile page, please send an email to Please include the following information: participant name, donor name, date of the donation, and desired recognition name.

All donations are 100% tax deductible!

Yes, Padres Pedal the Cause is a 501(c)(3). If you would like more information about our Tax ID# or nonprofit status, please email

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