For the Moms

Within the Pedal community, we are lucky to have incredible people who are all battling cancer in their own ways, including many mothers. In honor of Mother’s Day, we are recognizing four inspiring moms.

For Nancy, Mother’s Day took on a special meaning after she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Time with her family became extra important, even after she was declared cancer free. “I love seeing every one of my four children. I feel that everyday is Mother’s Day for me. I adore being a part of their lives and always want them to enjoy having me in theirs.”

As the spouse of a cancer doctor at UC San Diego Moores, “cancer” felt remote for Nancy until it hit home. “Now that has changed and I have to say, I feel a personal connection to the patients my husband works with and think of them and their families in a new way.”

With the support of her family and doctors, Nancy beat her cancer, and her outlook on life was changed forever. “I take on challenges in a whole new way. I KNOW I can do anything. I also go about my day with a new perspective…. most of the time I feel like smiling!” Nancy is carrying that smile through her training and tackling the two-day ride with her husband and their son. About the course, Nancy says, “I’m feeling so happy and healthy and want to challenge myself again. I’m up for it! Bring it on!!!”

“Cancer touches all of us either directly or indirectly. My sister, my mother, my aunts, my cousins and multiple friends have been touched by the disease. It is part of the fabric of most of our lives now. I want to be a part of the solution,” adds Nancy.

Sally and Jane are also making Pedal a family affair with their daughters on Team Pedalin Thru Life. They feel blessed that neither has been closely affected by cancer, although they know it can happen at anytime. “We are hearing of more and more of our friends and parent’s friends who are affected and we know the statistics are increasingly higher that we will know people affected by cancer,” said Jane.

Added Sally, “Our daughters have seen Jane and me volunteer their whole lives. What is unique about our participation in Pedal is that neither of us has taken on a physical endeavor in order to make a difference before!”

Continued Jane, “We listened to Amy [Koman] share some of her and Bill’s journey and were so touched by their experience, Bill’s recovery and their commitment to eradicate cancer!”

Mother’s Day also has special meaning for Barbara and her family. “I spent last Mother’s Day in the hospital with a neutropenic fever.” While her husband trained for Pedal 2013, Barbara battled breast cancer at Moores.

Today, Barbara is strong enough to ride outside. “Getting outside and riding again is amazing.” She and her husband are training for the two-day ride in Pedal 2014.

Added Barbara, “I will spend this Mother’s Day sailing with family and friends. Although my life is great, I still think about cancer each day and dream of a world without this dreaded disease. I’m thankful for everyone involved with Pedal for all they do to make this dream a reality.”

Here’s to Nancy, Jane, Sally, Barbara and mothers everywhere, for all you do for your families, friends and community, and the difference you make in the world everyday.

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