How to fundraise? Just tell your story.

Thank you for joining Pedal the Cause and for working towards a world without cancer! Event weekend is just seven weeks away, but fundraising is open until October 31st.

While fundraising doesn’t come naturally to everyone, all it takes is telling your story and talking to people about why you are riding. You might be surprised by how many people have been touched by cancer and who are excited to support you.

You joined Pedal for a reason – a strong one, given what you have committed to – and Pedal the Cause Launch Event 2014people you speak with will appreciate that. Whether that reason is because someone close to you was or is battling cancer, or because you wanted a personal challenge while supporting a good cause, talk to people you know and people you meet about your reason for joining Pedal.

As UCSD Triton Commuters team member Lisa Rivera said, “So many people have been affected by cancer and I think they are more than willing to help you out.”

Pedal the Cause is possible because of those conversations you have with people, because of the emails you send, because of your efforts to raise support for local cancer research.

Fundraising ToolkitTo help you get started and keep going, this year we’ve create a Fundraising Toolkit, full of materials to help you talk to people about why you joined Pedal.

Remember, perseverance is key! People are busy and need to be reminded every few weeks about what an amazing event you are participating in and what a great cause this is. You might be surprised at who donates, and it all starts with a simple ask.

Check out some easy and fun ways to meet or exceed your goal after the jump.

1. Build Your ProfileProfile screen shot

The best fundraisers are the ones that can tell the best story. Upload a photo and share your story on why you’re going through all the trouble to raise money and people will be much more inclined to take the time to donate. Explain that 100% of net proceeds goes towards cancer research! Click here for tips and a how-to on building your profile.


2. Use Email.

Send “sponsor me” emails and letters. Share your story, include a picture, and ensure your donors know that 100% of net proceeds will fund cancer research at UCSD Moores, Salk, and Sanford-Burnham. You can do this directly through your Pedal profile.

Plus, add a link to your profile on your email signature. This is a great way to get the word out to your network that you’re participating in Pedal the Cause.


3. Make a personal donation.

Fundraisers who make a personal donation raise twice as much! If you believe in the cause you’re supporting, other people will as well.


4. Use Social Media.Share on social media

Post a picture on Facebook with a link to your profile. Tweet a quick message out to your followers. Social media is the easiest and fastest way to engage your friends and family and tell them about your fundraising efforts. Remember to tag Pedal the Cause San Diego in your posts and mention @PedalSD in your tweets!


5. Throw a fundraising Event.  Lisa and more friends

Fundraising doesn’t have to be a chore. Make it social by gathering your friends together for an event. Happy hours are common endeavors but really the sky is the limit with this one. Have a Pedal the Cause yard sale. Host a party or BBQ at your house and charge a cover to be donated to your team. Let your creativity run wild–the amount of money you raise may surprise you!


6. Use corporate matches.

Many companies have a matching gifts program to encourage employees to contribute to charitable organizations. Some of these programs will match donations dollar-for-dollar and some will even triple the amount of your gift! Ask your Human Resources department if your company matches gifts, and encourage your donors to do the same.


7. Don’t stop after your goal.  Get the prestigious yellow jersey! Yellow Jersey

Step up your fundraising and earn a coveted yellow jersey by raising $5000 or more for cancer research! Benefits of being a Yellow Jersey include a cool yellow jersey, a special dinner celebration and, of course, great feelings of pride and accomplishment!


8. Don’t forget – Perseverance is key.

People get busy. You know what it’s like: people intend to donate but they keep putting it off. If someone you asked said yes, but still hasn’t donated, try asking again. More likely, they simply forgot to do it and would be happy to help you reach your goal.


9. Thank your donors.

This is an important one. Always take the time to thank each and every person that helped you reach your goal. Go to “Your Donations” under “Tools” in your profile to view your donors and their contact information.

Some other FUNdraising ideas:

• Yellow Jersey competition: challenge your teammates to see how many can achieve Yellow Jersey status by raising $5,000 or more. Keep a running tally and encourage those in the game. Host a team Yellow Jersey celebration.

• Change Competition: collect change at work turn it into a competition between departments.

• Parking spot auction: get your employer to raffle off the best parking spot for a week or a month.

• Ice Bucket Challenge: Call out teammates and friends with an ice bucket video. Check out what Team Oceanside Glasstile did for inspiration!

Download logos, flyers, videos, and grant information from our new Pedal the Cause Fundraising Toolkit.


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