Give 100%! Padres Pedal thrilled to reach important 100% Donation Model.

Give 100% - Padres Pedal reaches 100% Donation Model

One of our most important goals for Padres Pedal has been to reach the 100% Donation Model. We’re proud to say that we have reached this noteworthy milestone for 2016!

Why it’s important

What is the 100% Donation Model? The 100% Donation Model means that all operational expenses will be offset with sponsorship and registration fees so that 100% of participant fundraising will support cancer research at our beneficiaries.

Why is this important to you? Simply put, it means every dollar you donate and receive from your donors will go towards our mission of funding groundbreaking cancer research.

The importance of sponsors

This achievement would not be possible without major financial support by our generous sponsors: The Koman Family Foundation, Sempra Energy, Becton Dickinson, Qualcomm, Wells Fargo and of course, our beneficiaries Moores Cancer Center at UC San Diego Health, Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute, Salk Institute for Biological Studies and Rady Children’s Hospital–San Diego.

Additionally, our partnership with the San Diego Padres continues to lead to extensive cost reductions coupled with significant operational, marketing and experiential enhancements to make Padres Pedal the Cause a first-class experience for the whole community.

We encourage everyone to Give 100%

The bottom line in measuring success for 2016 will be the impact Padres Pedal the Cause makes on cancer research at our beneficiaries. Reaching our 100% Donation Model will positively impact our ability to maximize our 2016 donation and reach our goal of donating over $2 million.

The 100% Donation Model means every dollar donated will go towards funding cancer research. “Give 100%” is our mantra for creating a world without cancer.

For Padres Pedal the Cause, “Give 100%” is our mantra for creating a world without cancer. Give 100% serves as a rallying cry for our whole community: 100% effort from those battling cancer; 100% commitment from our cyclists preparing to ride on event weekend; 100% engagement from our teams, sponsors and beneficiaries; and 100% of every dollar contributed goes directly to fund cancer research.

As you continue your fundraising efforts, be sure to mention this key differentiation to your potential donors. Let your donors know they can give with confidence because every dollar they donate will go where they intend it to go! Together, we will build a world without cancer. 🚴

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