Returning Rider, Jodi Kennedy, Reflects on Her First Pedal the Cause

Touched by cancer throughout her entire life, Jodi Kennedy was excited when she heard Nelson Barton & Jodithrough a friend about Pedal the Cause last year. She decided to join the KFMB team so she could be a part of the movement of helping find a cure for cancer.

After seeing how well organized, supportive and warm-hearted the Pedal the Cause organization was last year, Jodi was inspired to put together her own friends and family team called Riders of the PACk, where Jodi is team captain! Of the five-member team, four are returning Pedal the Cause participants.

Marci & Jodi with bikesProud to be a part of Pedal again this year, Jodi says she received support from day one with plenty of training rides that helped build her confidence with her riding. “I was impressed about how well organized and helpful all the information from training rides, the newsletters, and other resources were. I knew exactly what to expect event weekend,” said Jodi.

Considering herself more of a runner, Jodi felt intimidated at first and did not make it to the earlier training rides last year. Then after she experienced her first training ride, she knew everyone from pro cyclists to people who have only ever ridden a beach cruiser were welcome to training rides. “The training rides were really fun because everyone was so nice and welcoming. There is a very special feeling during training rides,” said Jodi. “Even though we are coming together for this serious cause, you could see everyone had a smile and it felt like a fun party with people chatting and laughing,” said Jodi. This year, knowing now that all levels are welcome and supported with tailored training rides for any level of rider, Jodi said she will be attending more.

Reflecting on last year’s event Jodi said her most memorable moment was the final leg of Marci & Jodi in tentthe first day. “Riding through town and seeing the looks on people’s faces and the incredible set-up at camp made me feel like a rock star – I knew I was doing something that mattered!” said Jodi.

Jodi has a lot to look forward to with this year’s Pedal the Cause. “I am excited to put together a team of riders that will get to experience this great adventure and feel good about themselves for helping such an important cause, just like I did last year! I’m also looking forward to participating in more training rides and Happy Hours,” said Jodi.

Jodi on bike small

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