Ride Your Bike

Training plan.  The phrase, on its own, might conjure images of sweat and toil.  It shouldn’t.  You’re riding a bicycle, not breaking rocks.  We’re talking about an activity most of us learned as children and that is most associated with recreation.  Maybe the phrase should be “recess plan.”

Seven months from now, you will embark on a challenging 1 or 2-day cycling adventure.  What you do between now and that time will greatly influence your enjoyment of that trainingweekend.  The physical challenge is clear and the path of preparation to successfully complete this journey is equally evident.  It comes down to three simple words:  Ride your bike.  No, that’s not the only thing you’ll be doing to prepare — but it’s the core of what will get you to the finish line.


Your Motivation For Riding

As you look to October, it’s important to clarify your motivation for riding.  What is your personal mission statement in the pursuit of completing this challenge?  There is no one answer and certainly no one right answer.  What is important is to know your answers because there will be moments in this journey when fatigue or pain causes you to question why you’re out there.

We are professional coaches and athletes.  When we were brought into this project, the difference in focus compared to our past endeavors was apparent.  Pedal the Cause isn’t going to be about individual competition and performance.  This is about participation, finishing, and working for the greater good.  This is going to be as much about completing a physical challenge as it is about a community coming together to raise awareness and funds for cancer research.  And there’s a difference.  The former requires discipline and hard work in a solitary setting.  The latter requires discipline and hard work but the load isdistributed among a community of allies working toward a common goal.  The physical goal is somehow easier to pursue when it’s part of a shared struggle to defeat a common enemy.

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Permission to Play!

While we can’t help you find your answer, we can help you on the path to complete this challenge and support you throughout. The training plans we’re providing are designed to work within your available time and prepare your body to handle this challenge.  The training plans include interval training, longer aerobic sessions, strength training and the ability for you to incorporate your favorite complementary cross training activities.  Does this sound like a lot?  Are you having childhood flashbacks of a tyrannical gym teacher or coach? Stop.  Remember, it’s not homework.  It’s mandatory leisure.  Consider it permission to play.

There are many variations of cycling that we’ll suggest in terms of distance, effort, and supplemental training.  All are intended to improve your capacity and efficiency in turning the pedals but if it all seems too complicated and regimented, or some days you simply run out of time, always come back to those three words:  Ride your bike.

Yup, Ride Your Bike

You can partake of all or a portion of what we prescribe but know that there will always be one training activity that, without fail, will provide the most effective means of preparation…yup, ride your bike.

Our goal is to make you a stronger cyclist so that when October 26th arrives, you’ll wheel up to the line healthy, confident, and ready for the challenge.  It will be the reward.  You’ll get to ride your bike. We look forward to riding with you and sharing this journey.

Paula, Heather, Roch & Paul

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ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Pedal the Cause will be a first-class experience for cyclists of all levels. Four of the biggest names in the sport of Ironman will design and manage the course and will be your coaches for the event: Roch Frey, Paul Huddle, Paula Newby-Fraser and Heather Fuhr.  Paul and Roch are two of the top professional coaches in Ironman triathlon. Paula and Heather are the two most successful Ironman athletes of all time.  They will bring the same level of excellence to planning, logistics and coaching that they have brought to countless professional Ironman races and cycling events.

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