Team Duane Morris: Coming Together for a Cause

Last year, Barbara Murray was a breast cancer patient at Moores Cancer Center and cheered on her husband as he rode the Pedal the Cause two-day course. This year, Barbara is joining Brion on the road as the captain for Team Duane Morris LLP. “I am so proud of the firm’s involvement in Pedal the Cause!”  Not only is Duane Morris a sponsor of Pedal the Cause, but the firm has a team of 12 riders and 11 volunteers so far. The riders have committed to riding 1450 miles and raising $15,000. Duane Morris volunteers will be manning the first aid station on Saturday’s two-day ride.

Team Duane Morris

Together, the Duane Morris riders and volunteers are helping make a big impact on local cancer research. “The entire office is unified behind the cause,” adds Barbara. “Our team consists of partners, special counsel, associates, legal assistants, marketing personnel, records personnel, the office manager, and a few spouses. It’s amazing to see everyone come together.” The firm hosted a reception to raise funds and awareness for the cause.

To help each other train, the team has organized several rides, including taking the train from Solana Beach to San Juan Capistrano and biking the 50 miles back.

It’s not just Barbara’s experience as a Moores Cancer Center patient that is driving the team. Every member has a reason for joining.

Lisa Chung is a new rider who is doing the two-day ride. Said Lisa, “It’s true that cancer touches everyone. My mom had lung cancer a few years ago, the treatment for which included chemo and removing ½ of one lung. I’m grateful for the research that led to her current state of health. It’s one of the reasons I’m riding.” Lisa added, “I just bought a bike and am learning how to shift gears, fix flat tires and master clip-on shoes.”

Other new riders include Patrick MacDonald, who is tackling the 50-mile ride, and Nate Kelly and Martin Soria, who are riding the 25-mile course. Like Lisa, they didn’t even own a bike when they registered. Nate said, “as soon as I heard of Pedal the Cause, I was eager to join and help out for this on-going goal to find a cure and to have a world without cancer.”

Ready to help their novice teammates are many experienced riders, including Vicki and Frank Norton, who already have four fundraising rides under their belts. Frank was diagnosed with lymphoma a week after riding in a 150-mile, two-day event a few years ago. He continued to cycle while on chemotherapy and rode in another 150-mile event a year later when he went into remission.

Team Duane Morris

Ivan and Amy Valentine, who met in 2008 while riding from Texas to Alaska to raise funds for cancer research, registered for the two-day ride when they moved to San Diego this Spring. They are happy to be riding to support their new community.

Dan Minteer, who is doing the two-day ride and ran the Boston Marathon this spring, has a great training idea: “I have started riding to and from work from Carmel Valley once a week to try to get ready for the big ride.”

Anita and Terry La Fuze have participated in several 100-mile rides throughout California. As Anita said, “It is difficult to find someone who has not been impacted by cancer in some way. My best friend was just diagnosed a couple of months ago with Stage 3 Breast Cancer and her journey has just begun.” Previously, Anita’s brother-in-law was diagnosed with colon cancer, but is now in remission.

Anita concluded, “a quote I remind myself of everyday: ‘Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.’ So Make Every Second Count‼” Together, Team Duane Morris is doing just that.


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