Training for Pedal 2014 Off to a Great Start

IMG_1701Pedal the Cause’s 2014 training season kicked off this month with a Beginners’ Clinic and Training Ride.

Our first Beginners’ Clinic was a special opportunity for new riders to get personalized care and attention. Revolution Bike Shop’s Mikki Suvia shared his expertise as an avid rider and hill climber, bringing to life some details about cycling, and answered questions from the riders. The group discussed details of how and when to shift, tips for approaching a climb, and even how to ideally adjust your helmet.

Pedal’s first Training Ride of the season was a huge success on a gorgeous summer-like day. The early morning chill from Daylight Savings was fended off by Peet’s brew, and El Camino Bike Shop was open for those last-minute “oh, no, I forgot my….!” One of our riders forgot the essential bike shoes, but no worries: Will from El Camino got him shoed and cleated in time to still catch the 40-mile group.

Roch, Huddle, PNF, Terry and Billy from Multisports led the troops – a total of 37 riders. IMG_1695With more than a dozen volunteers helping with the ride, no one was lost or left on their own, whether they chose the 15-mile option, the 29-mile option, or the 40-mile option.

The new staggered start times for the three distances was a big hit, as it allowed all levels to finish around the same time. Everyone milled about sharing stories of their day, relaxing in the post-ride warmth, and enjoying Nekter’s delicious hit-the-spot smoothies. Nekter put out free smoothies and a nutrient-rich juice bar for everyone to try, while Peet’s offered $1.00 coupons off specialty drinks for those who wanted yet another caffeine fix.

Over 30 people joined this first ride, including first time Pedal participants and new riders. Corporate Teams were represented by Rafael Bejar, Greg Daniels and Yadira Galindo from UCSD, Pat Lappin from Pfizer, and Mark Steele from DirectSys.

All in all a great day and a successful launch of Pedal’s 2014 training season!

Join us on April 9th at Nytro in Encinitas for the next Beginners’ Clinic, and on April 14th at REI Encinitas for the next training ride.


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