Training for Your Ride

Training is an important part of Pedal the Cause to make sure you get to the starting line fit, healthy and ready to ride. Especially if you are looking to challenge yourself with a longer course, consistent training is what will get you there.

Training Plans

The Multisports team created training plans specifically for Pedal the Cause riders.
The Multisports team created training plans specifically for Pedal the Cause riders.

To help you get started and stay motivated, every rider has access to training plans created by four of the biggest names in the sport of Ironman. Roch Frey, Paul Huddle, Paula Newby-Fraser and Heather Fuhr have designed these plans specifically for Pedal riders, and they can be access through the online profile.  Paul and Roch are two of the top professional coaches in Ironman triathlon. Paula and Heather are the two most successful Ironman athletes of all time.  So you are in good hands as you train and prepare for the event!

Take a look at the training plans with workout details and find one that’s right for you. All plans offer key points and details to help keep you going. Plus, we have six-week plans starting regularly.

The Training Plans are there to help you be are best prepared as possible, but no matter

Get support for your training with Pedal.
Get support for your training with Pedal.

what, the most important thing is always to RIDE YOUR BIKE! Our Training Plans include workouts both on the bike and strength training. You can tailor them to your experience level and your level of comfort but the theme is still the same: RIDE YOU BIKE! And try to ride it on a hilly route as much as possible. You can very easily train for Pedal the Cause by riding a couple times during the work week and doing a longer ride on the weekends.

If you have any questions as you are training about the programs or tailoring it to your own skill level email our coaches at and they will help you figure out the best way to customize. Remember no question is stupid and they have heard it all!

In addition to the world-class training plans we give all riders, we have training rides that we encourage all riders to come to. This is not the time to be intimidated. We want you to have fun on event weekend and that means being in shape and riding a couple times a week from now until event weekend.


Training Rides

Group training rides are a great way to get comfortable riding your bike.
Group training rides are a great way to get comfortable riding your bike.

Each Training Ride features different course lengths, so you can pick the one that’s best for you. After the ride, mingle with your fellow Pedal-ers over snacks.

Get the full training ride schedule by logging into your rider profile.

We will have distances for every skill level. The different distances are lead by experienced cyclists that know all the roadways and who know how to make everyone feel comfortable on the roads and keep everyone safe.

We have had people come to these events with mountain bikes and tennis shoes on and been able to complete the ride and feel happy and confident while riding. This is really an event for everyone no matter their skill level. You wont feel like it is too slow if you are an experienced rider and you wont feel like you are going to be dropped if you are a newbie.

Plus, you can schedule your own training rides with fellow riders through LinkedIn.


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