Training Plans

Get Ready to Ride in November!
Each plan outlines the minimum recommended training to get you ready to ride 25, 55, 88, or 100 miles and help crush cancer on November 17 at Petco Park!
100 Mile Training Plan

20 Week Plan: For experienced cyclists who want to go those extra miles for cancer research, this training plan will help you get to top form for the 100-mile Century ride.

Click for the 100 Miles - 20 Week Plan
88 Mile Training Plan

18 Week Plan: For experienced cyclists who love a challenge, the 20-week training plan will help prepare you for the Honey Springs Heartbreaker 88-mile ride on event weekend.

Click for the 88 Miles - 18 Week Plan
55 Mile Training Plan

18 Week Plan: Our 55 mile Olympic Challenge ride will challenge you with some hills, so be ready to charge those inclines with these recommendations.

Click for the 55 Miles - 18 Week Plan
25 Mile Training Plan

10 Week Plan: Ride or spin a few times per week to prepare to go over the Coronado Bridge for the 25-mile Coronado Classic on event day!

Click for the 25 Miles - 10 Week Plan

Join Padres Pedal on a training ride! Check out the schedule and sign up on the Community Events calendar

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