Training Plans

Get Ready to Pedal in November!
Each plan outlines the minimum recommended training to get you ready to run a 5K or ride 25 to 100 miles, all to help you crush cancer on November 16 at Petco Park!
100 Mile Training Plan

20 Week Plan: For experienced cyclists who want to go those extra miles for cancer research, this training plan will help you get to top form for the 100-mile Century ride.

100 Miles - 20 Week Plan
88 Mile Training Plan

20 Week Plan: For experienced cyclists who love a challenge, the 20-week training plan will help prepare you for the Honey Springs Heartbreaker 88-mile ride on event weekend.

88 Miles - 20 Week Plan
55 Mile Training Plan

18 Week Plan: Our 55 mile Olympic Challenge ride will challenge you with some hills, so be ready to charge those inclines with these recommendations.

55 Miles - 18 Week Plan
25 Mile Training Plan

10 Week Plan: Ride or spin a few times per week to prepare to go over the Coronado Bridge for the 25-mile Coronado Classic on event day!

25 Miles - 10 Week Plan
5K Run/Walk Training Plan

6 Week Plan: Even with the beautiful, flat path along the Embarcadero, we've put together a training plan in case you'd like to take your normal walk to a run!

5K Run/Walk - 6 Week Plan

Join Padres Pedal at a monthly training event, starting in June! Our Community Events calendar will host the dates, distances, and details so you can roll out with the Padres Pedal community.

Join us for a training ride
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