Volunteer 2017 Registration

Volunteer 2017 Registration


Team (required)

Volunteering as part of a team is a great way to show solidarity in the fight against cancer. If you wish to be part of a team, you can join one now or after you’ve registered and created a profile. It’s up to you!

Volunteering Opportunities (required)

Thank you for volunteering! Volunteers are our heart and soul, and make Pedal the Cause possible year after year. Each of our 800+ volunteers have the important task of learning and owning their
volunteer responsibility. There are multiple opportunities with different time slots during event
weekend. You are welcome to sign up to volunteer with friends, family or in a group. Note that you are NOT restricted to one opportunity and one time slot, we encourage our volunteers to sign up for as many opportunities as they would like.

Click one or more of the categories below to get started. Note that volunteer times are subject to change, please double check your time slot before event weekend:

Volunteer Information (required)

Like riders, Pedal the Cause volunteers have fundraising profiles and can receive donations. After
registering you’ll be able to personalize your Pedal the Cause profile, upload your picture, share your story, etc. But for now, just tell us who you are.

(Must be 13 years old by Sept. 26, 2015 to volunteer.)

(Family members may share email addresses, for convenience, or if younger riders do not have their own email address.)

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