Who is Riding: Herb Lowe

Herb Lowe, Riding to Find a Cure

Excited and honored to contribute to such an important issue that devastates so many lives, avid cyclist and Swami’s Cycling Club member Herb Lowe is gearing up for San Diego’s first ever Pedal the Cause. Knowing that the dollars he raises for such a positive goal will go to local institutions, which are some of the best in the country, is what first inspired Herb to get involved with Pedal.

Photo of Herb

Like most of us, Herb has experienced the loss of family and friends to cancer.  He lost his aunt about ten years ago and a cousin about five years ago. Then about a year ago, Herb received a call from one of his closest friends. His friend’s son, Jack, and Herb’s godson, had been diagnosed with cancer – and he survived!

“I’m so proud of the way he took on the challenge. That is how he looked at it – a challenge. And he did it with a smile and greeting to every person who visited him in the hospital,” says Herb. “He could answer every question about the process like you were talking to a doctor. He made friends with all the staff and many of the other kids hospitalized. He went through some horrific months, on the edge but never gave up.”

At only 15 years old, Jack is an inspiration to everyone who knows and loves him.It thrills Herb to see him back in school, all caught up with his academics, playing water polo, the piano, getting together with friends, and enjoying his incredible family.

Photo of Jack

In addition to the positive impact Pedal will have, Herb also likes the challenge the two-day ride offers. “For those of us that ride regularly and have the time, it will be a challenging two days, but a little pain only seems right when we’re riding for so many that have suffered in ways we can’t even imagine,” says Herb.

Having experience participating in many other cycling events, Herb is looking forward to the community spirit, smiles on faces of riders and everyone coming out to support, and most importantly, seeing all the dollars the community raises go to the search for a cure.

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