Who is Riding: Jeff Gross

Cancer Survivor & Riding for Team CareFusion

Jeff Gross is Vice President of Research and Development and Chief Technology Officer for the Procedural Solutions business segment at CareFusion. He is also a cancer survivor.Jeff Gross

“Cancer has unfortunately touched me, my immediate family, and my extended family,” said Jeff. “Both my wife and I are cancer survivors, and we know people who have succumbed to cancer.  That said, we also know many people who are enjoying fulfilling lives because of major advances in cancer research.”

Jeff learned about Pedal the Cause through CareFusion, and knew the event fit with his desire to help others and support cancer research. “Personally, I was the beneficiary of early detection, which set the course for a very successful outcome. My wife’s cancer was also caught early. It was a very intensive emotional pathway. There was a lot of testing, waiting, hard decisions, and treatments, but she is healthy today with a great long term prognosis.”

Through his personal experience with cancer, Jeff was inspired to join CareFusion’s Pedal the Cause Team. “One of things I’ve learned as a survivor is that cancer is simply a pathology.  It doesn’t define you nor should you let it rule your life. With Pedal the Cause, we are all coming together and celebrating the people around us and the fact that we are in control of our lives.”

Jeff describes how working in the medical device industry is very gratifying, “getting to see patients benefit from the devices the organization commercializes is the reason we come to work.”   Witnessing firsthand the benefits of cancer research through his experience, Jeff has become passionate about cancer research.

Continues Jeff, “the public is deluged with a plethora of daily well intended causes needing support.  With the Government’s continued retreat from funding medical research, general public involvement is important to getting and keeping consistent funding for cancer research. Pedal is about raising awareness and continuing to keep the need for private funding in the forefront.  One never knows when the breakthrough treatment for a particular form of cancer will come, but it will never come unless we continue to support the requisite basic and clinical research.”

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