Who is Riding? Meet Jodi Kennedy

Jodi Kennedy is participating in the two-day ride with Team KFMB

With her entire life touched by cancer, Jodi Kennedy from Del Mar believes that cancer is the one thing we need to knock out. Jodi’s father lost his battle to cancer when she was Jodi Cyclingvery young then later her uncle also succumbed. Today, Jodi’s sister is battling three types of cancers. “With everything my family has been through, I understand the urgency and importance of finding a cure for cancer,” said Jodi

While Jodi has some experience with cycling through her triathlon races, she really considers herself more of a runner. But on October 26 and 27, Jodi will set out for the Pedal the Cause 2-day ride to Julian and back.

After only registering for Pedal the Cause a few weeks ago, Jodi has already raised $1,800 with the help of 23 donors all donating between $50 to $200. Jodi heard about Pedal the Cause through her friend and workout partner, Pat Nevin of KFMB. Pat is actually a team captain for KFMB and together they will ride in the two-day adventure.

Jodi in Red

“I am really looking forward to the journey and have the highest respect for Pedal the Cause,” said Jodi. “It was easy for me to decide to get involved with Pedal the Cause because they are so professional and organized.  You see them everywhere and you know every dollar you earn is going to cancer research.”

Jodi’s four teenage children are even catching the Pedal the Cause spirit by tracking her fundraising goal and encouraging her training. Her kids are all proud that Jodi has set out to help with a cause that is so personal to their family. Her youngest son who runs many 10K races even said that he will only participate in fundraising events from now on. Jodi said, “It makes me happy to see that I can be a great example to my kids.”

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