Yellow Jersey 2013 Celebration

It was an evening of thanks, celebration and, of course, delicious food. At the 2013 Yellow Jersey dinner, hosted by PIRCH San Diego, riders and friends gathered to share memories and inspirations from last year’s ride, and to get started on their 2014 efforts.

Yellow Jersey Dinner doctors

Keeping with the community feel that started in early 2013 and carried through to the finish line celebration, riders, beneficiaries and friends came together for an incredible evening. Some of the event’s highlights were hors d’oeuvres cooked by C3 doctors themselves: the pizzas made by Salk’s Dr. Tony Hunter, the bacon and brown sugar sticks by Sanford-Burham’s Dr. Garth Powis, and the streak bruschetta by UC San Diego’s Dr. Chris Kane. “They were naturals!” said PIRCH chef Ben Root.

Pedal the Cause founder Bill Koman reminded us all of the importance of funding research IMG_1514and of the potential of the C3. Executive Director Patrick Connor thanked the Yellow Jersey riders for their extraordinary efforts in 2013. Patrick also challenged everyone to take inspiration from what was accomplished in 2013 to make 2014 even better. “What you did in our inaugural year was amazing, and will directly benefit research and patients here in San Diego. What we can do in 2014 is boundless,” said Patrick.

IMG_1509UC San Diego Moores’ Dr. Greg Daniel shared his personal transformation with cycling. “When I first started out, I hadn’t ridden a bike in 20 years. Clearly 50 miles was impossible, let alone 150.” But now, Dr. Daniels rides his bike nearly everyday. “And when Patrick told me we’re going to Temecula this year, the first thing I thought was that it wasn’t far enough!”

Yellow Jersey rider and PIRCH C.E.O. Jeffery R. Sears added, “We are very proud to support Pedal the Cause, and all of the great work they and every Pedal rider is doing for local cancer research.” Jeffery was joined by PIRCH co-founder and fellow Yellow Jersey rider Jim Stuart as PIRCH was recognized as the Pedal the Cause 2014 Yellow Jersey sponsor.

Thank you to our Yellow Jersey riders for your hard work to help build Pedal the Cause IMG_1508San Diego, and to PIRCH for a great evening and your ongoing support!

On to Pedal 2014!

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